3 great ideas for a full year’s worth of brand exposure

With 2020 fast approaching have you thought of using a diary or calendar to get your brand out in front of potential customers? Before we get into our 3 favorite year-long branding platforms let’s look at some of the reasons they are so successful.

Firstly, all three of the below items are actually useful and should get looked at every day by the recipient if not their friends, family and their clients. Secondly, you will get a full year’s worth of brand exposure. The exposure to clients offers a great opportunity for potential customers to see your brand and begin a conversation about your product or service.

Our top choice for 2020 is the good old fashioned calendar. These come in a range of options from wall calendars to tent calendars, each with their own set of branding features. As with both of the options below, integrating nifty ideas to add value to your customer will give your brand more exposure as they will use it more regularly. A good example here would be an Accounting firm that marks off dates that tax returns need to be filed.

Second, on our list is the diary. While many people have moved on to electronic meeting requests a diary is still really good for keeping notes and as a backup for when you leave your phone at home. You also get a large amount of surface area on the outside of the diary so you can make your branding as bold as possible.

Finally, another really useful item is the desk calendar. I love to write notes for issues that I need to follow up on and a desk pad is a perfect way for me to do this. Again adding some handy dates into the calendar will make your customers life easier, meaning your brand gets more face time.

You can download an example of a few of the diaries we can source for you here.

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