5 Great year end gift ideas

With the Christmas season almost upon us, we are sure one thing left on your to-do list to sort out is Christmas gifts for your clients.

Giving a year-end gift to your loyal customers is a great way of building up your brand. Recent research has shown that a useful gift is a great way of getting your brand in front of non-customers on a regular basis. So this leads us in to what makes a useful gift?

Let’s start with a budget. If you have a customer who only spends R500 a year, you don’t want to shower them with an R500 gift. Some simple planning can let you split clients into 3 or 4 tiers and then you can gift them based on their tier.

Whatever your method, we have put together a list of ideas for you of some of the best Christmas gift options that can be made adapted to suit any budget :

Go green – a pot plant, a small terrarium or a succulent garden.
How about a mini herb garden containing all the herbs needed for a lovely roast lamb Christmas lunch  – Brand the container and you could get years of brand exposure!

Or how about a truly unique and fresh wreath for your client ’s front door, to be complemented by ALL of their holiday visitors!

Stationery – always a winner. This ranges from a “statement piece” pen, notebook, a useful diary to the traditional calendar.

Coffee / Tea/ Wine / Water – most people will either drink tea or coffee so a nice branded coffee cup or plunger will get you great exposure. For those that don’t drink coffee think of a high quality branded water bottle or a lovely wine opener.

Technology – we all love getting nice tech gifts. A branded USB flash drive is still one of the most used gifts. Technology gifts for phones are also highly popular. We have so many unique cost-effective ideas!

Customer interests – this will depend on how well you know your customers. You can look at anything from a sporting gift to a group cooking class (for that really personal touch).


We specialize in putting custom gift boxes together: From Gourmet sweets, beautiful stationery,  pamper products, gift cards to fresh flowers. All beautifully wrapped/ boxed with custom made gift cards.

If you would like to find out more about our Gifting Services, whether that be for clients or friends and family, please get in touch with us here.