What exactly is a Brand Refresh and do you need one?

Your brand tells a story, and just like a human life that evolves and changes, so does that of your brand.

It may be time to consider a refresh.

A brand refresh means updating and building on your brand that is already known to your customer base.

Rather than a complete overhaul, it involves an update to visual elements, tweaks to messaging or changes to other differentiators.

In a recent article, Lucidpress outlined 5 practical reasons to consider a Brand Refresh

  1. You aren’t getting enough attention – give your customers a reason to sit up and take notice
  2. You don’t stand out from the competition anymore – making an impact in today’s saturated online marketplace is hard, you’ve got to stay ahead of the pack.
  3. Your company has changed – as your business evolves, keep your eye on your brand.
  4. Your message is inconsistent – a refresh can help you realign your company’s values when they start to lose their way. If you want your brand to be a trusted name, then you have to deliver the same familiar experience whenever your customers interact.
  5. You want to attract new customers – sometimes tapping into a new market will also entail changing your image

Apple excels at keeping their brand fresh and relevant

apple logo evolution

Here are 5 easy ways to refresh your brand;

Make a Subtle logo change

Modern Logo styles are moving towards more streamlined and simple – take a look at how Starbucks has evolved its brand over the years. 

Nedbank made a simple change by merely removing the circle around the “N” and small changes to layout

Substitute a typeface/font

Pick ‘n Pay did this brilliantly

Expand the colour palette – A splash of colour can add visual interest. Add a complimentary colour to your existing brand.

It doesn’t have to be a permanent fix either, it can form part of a brand campaign, or can evolve again, as your brand does. Just be clear about when and where the colour is used

Capitec added a splash of colour to their “bank better, live better” campaign

Incorporate a trend into the overall design – There is some risk with using a trend – it can fall out of style as quick as it came in – but because you are only playing with some visual changes and not rebranding, most businesses can handle the change.

Google are the masters of how a “trend” can be cleverly incorporated into your brand 

Add a secondary mark with modern flair – with the growth in social media presence, it can be hard to fit your logo into applications where it doesn’t display properly or translate well. Most brands create a secondary logo that’s very simple, doesn’t include text and is easy to pop in these often oddly-shaped or sized locations. The secondary mark signals to your target market that you understand modern tools and the brand is using them appropriately.

Nike is probably the most recognisable application of how a “brand mark” or “secondary logo” can be as memorable as the original

After considering all the factors, you might decide that the best way to bring your company back to life is a COMPLETE REBRAND where you go back to the drawing board and start fresh. While a rebrand is a far more dramatic approach, a refresh allows companies to make tweaks over time that help their brand evolve with the market.

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